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New Milford Board of Education


Board of Education Members

David A. Lawson, Chair
Tammy McInerney, Vice Chair 
Angela C. Chastain, Secretary
Eileen P. Monaghan, Assistant Secretary
Bill Dahl
Joseph Failla
Wendy Faulenbach
Brian McCauley
J.T. Schemm

Board of Education Members

November Board of Education Meeting

Mr. Nathan and a few students, Bridgit F., Tiffany D. and Alyssa L. in the "NAMES"
program at NMHS were invited by Dr. Tracy to share a brief summary to the BOE
about the program.
The BOE praised Commended Student Sean Murphy for his high achievement in the
2019 National Merit Scholarship Program. Congratulations Sean!

Congratulations to the six November "Stars" honorees - Samantha Gati-Tisi, Jenna Giudice,
Nicole Herring, Margaret Jones, Colleen Peterson, Jennifer (Missy) Smith.
Special congratulations to Margaret Jones, Margaret is the lucky honoree to drive the
Danbury Ingersoll Auto courtesy car this month.



50 East Street, New Milford, CT 06776