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Board of Education Policies

The New Milford Board of Education has adopted policies for administration, personnel, business, instruction, students, and other areas. The Policy Committee of the Board is charged with reviewing and updating these policies.

Folder 0000 Series - Mission - Goals - Objectives (4 Files)
pdf file 0000 Philosophy of Public Schools
pdf file 0050.1 School District Legal Status
pdf file 0200 Goals for the New Milford Public Schools
pdf file 0300 Policies for New Milford Public Schools
Folder 1000 Series - Community Relations (32 Files)
pdf file 1325 reg Advertising and Promotion 060419.pdf
pdf file 1000 Concept, Goals and Roles in Community Relations
pdf file 1110 Administration and School Relations with the Board
pdf file 1110.1 Communications with the Public - Parent Involvement
pdf file 1112 News Media Relationships
pdf file 1112.5 Media Access to Students
pdf file 1120 Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings
pdf file 1140 Distribution of Materials to and by Students
pdf file 1146 Recognition of Students, Citizens, Staff Members, and Members of the BOE
pdf file 1150/1160 Communications with the Public
pdf file 1212 School Volunteers
pdf file 1250 Visits to the School
pdf file 1251 Loitering or Causing Disturbances
pdf file 1312 Public Complaints
pdf file 1313 Gifts to School Personnel
pdf file 1321 Public Performances by Students
pdf file 1322 Contests for Students
pdf file 1323 Gifts to Students
pdf file 1324 Fund-Raising by Students
pdf file 1325 Advertising and Promotion
pdf file 1325 Advertising and Promotion reg
pdf file 1326 Solicitations by Staff Members
pdf file 1330 Use of School Facilities
pdf file 1331 Smoking
pdf file 1350 Senior Citizens Benefits
pdf file 1411 Relations With Police Authorities
pdf file 1412 Fire Department
pdf file 1430 State and Federal Aid
pdf file 1620 Relations With Private Schools, Colleges and Universities
pdf file 1700 Possession of Firearms on School Property Prohibited
pdf file 1800 Animals on School Property
Folder 2000 Series - Administration (17 Files)
pdf file 2000 Concepts and Roles in Administration
pdf file 2000.1 Board-Superintendent Relations
pdf file 2100 Administration Organization
pdf file 2112 Professional Development Opportunities
pdf file 2120 Administrative Assignments
pdf file 2130 Job Descriptions
pdf file 2131 Superintendent of Schools
pdf file 2132 Assistant Superintendent of Schools
pdf file 2133 Principal
pdf file 2141 Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent
pdf file 2151 Appointment of Administrative and Supervisory Personnel
pdf file 2152 Assignment of Administrative Personnel
pdf file 2210 Administrative Leeway in Absence of Board of Education Policy
pdf file 2231 Policy and Regulation System
pdf file 2240 Educational Research in District Schools
pdf file 2250 Monitoring of Product and Process Goals
pdf file 2400 Evaluation of the Superintendent
Folder 3000 Series - Business (39 Files)
pdf file 3000 Concept and Roles in Business and Non-Instructional Operations
pdf file 3110 Budget Planning
pdf file 3160 Budget and Transfer of Funds
pdf file 3230 Federal Funds
pdf file 3231 Medical Reimbursement for Special Education Students
pdf file 3240 Tuition Fees
pdf file 3260 Sales & Disposal of Books, Equipment & Supplies
pdf file 3270 Disposition and Rental of Real Property
pdf file 3280 Gifts to the School
pdf file 3280 Gifts to the School (reg)
pdf file 3281 School Fund Raisers
pdf file 3281 School Fundraisers (reg)
pdf file 3300 Purchasing
pdf file 3313 Relations with Vendors
pdf file 3313.1 Local Purchasing
pdf file 3321 Requesting Goods and Services (Requisitions)
pdf file 3432/3433 Budget & Expense Report/Annual Financial Statement
pdf file 3440 Inventories
pdf file 3450 Monies in School Buildings
pdf file 3451 Petty Cash Funds
pdf file 3453 School Activity Funds
pdf file 3453.1 Unexpected Class Funds
pdf file 3513.1 Energy Conservation
pdf file 3514 Equipment
pdf file 3516.11 Hazardous Materials Communication
pdf file 3516.3 Safety
pdf file 3516.4 Sex Offender Notification
pdf file 3520 Student Data Privacy
pdf file 3524 Hazardous Materials Communications/Green Cleaning Program
pdf file 3524.1 Hazardous Material in Schools Pest Management/Pesticide Application
pdf file 3524.11 Hazardous Material in School
pdf file 3532.1 Liability Insurance
pdf file 3541 Transportation Services
pdf file 3541.23 Bus Contractor
pdf file 3541.313 Routes and Services/Transportation
pdf file 3541.44 Transportation
pdf file 3542.31 Free or Reduced Price Lunches
pdf file 3542.42 Cafeterias - Handling of School Lunch Funds
pdf file 3542.45 Vending Machines
Folder 4000 Series - Personnel (38 Files)
pdf file 4000 Concepts & Roles in Personnel
pdf file 4111.1/4211.1 Equal Employment Opportunity
pdf file 4111/4211 Recruitment and Selection
pdf file 4112.2 Certification
pdf file 4112.4/4212.4 Physical Examination
pdf file 4112.5/4212.5 Criminal History Inquiries, Employment Reference Checks and Disclosure of Employee Information to Prospective Employers
pdf file 4112.8/4212.8 Nepotism
pdf file 4112.9/4212.9 Outside Employment
pdf file 4115 Evaluations
pdf file 4115.1/4215.1 Athletic Coaches Evaluation & Termination
pdf file 4116 4216 Employment At Will
pdf file 4117.41/4217.41 Employee Discipline
pdf file 4118.112 4218.112 Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment
pdf file 4118.13/4218.13 Conflict of Interest
pdf file 4118.21 Academic Freedom
pdf file 4118.23/4218.23 Conduct
pdf file 4118.231/4218.231 Drug and Alcohol Use
pdf file 4118.232/4218.232 Smoking
pdf file 4118.233/4218.233 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
pdf file 4118.234 Psychotropic Drug Use
pdf file 4118.25/4218.25 Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
pdf file 4118.5/4218.5 Electronic Monitoring
pdf file 4120 Employment Classifications
pdf file 4121 Substitute Teachers
pdf file 4131 Professional Development
pdf file 4132 Publication or Creation of Materials
pdf file 4133/4233 Travel: Reimbursement
pdf file 4135.1/4234.1 Agreement
pdf file 4135.4/4234.4 Grievances/Complaints
pdf file 4141 Salary Guides
pdf file 4147.1/4247.1 Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne athogens
pdf file 4147/4247 Employee Safety
pdf file 4148/4248 Employee Protection
pdf file 4152.6/4252.6 Personal, Family & Medical Leave
pdf file 4155 4255 Military Leave
pdf file 4212.42 Drug & Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers
pdf file 4215 Evaluations
pdf file 6141.321 4118.4/4218.4 Responsible Use of Technology, Social Media, and District Network Systems
Folder 5000 Series - Students (59 Files)
pdf file 5000 Equal Educational Opportunity
pdf file 5010 Concepts and Roles in Student Policies
pdf file 5111 Admission/Placement/Age of Enterance
pdf file 5111.1 Foreign Exchange Students
pdf file 5112.3 School Attendance
pdf file 5112.4 Student Enrollment Data
pdf file 5113 Truancy
pdf file 5113.1 Work Permits
pdf file 5113.14 Senior Privileges
pdf file 5114 Removal/Suspension/Explosion
pdf file 5114.12 Student Due Process
pdf file 5116 School Census
pdf file 5117 School Attendance Areas
pdf file 5118 Nonresident Students
pdf file 5118.1 Homeless Students
pdf file 5121 Examination/Grading/Rating
pdf file 5121.2 Eligibility For Honor Roll
pdf file 5122 Student Placement
pdf file 5123 Promotion/Acceleration/Retention
pdf file 5124 Reporting to Parents/Guardians - Report Cards
pdf file 5125 Student Records: Confidentiality
pdf file 5131 Student Conduct
pdf file 5131.1 Student Behavior On School Transportation
pdf file 5131.111 Conduct: Camera Surveillance
pdf file 5131.3 Student Driving and Parking
pdf file 5131.5 Vandalism
pdf file 5131.6 Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
pdf file 5131.61 Inhalant Abuse
pdf file 5131.8 Out of School Misconduct
pdf file 5131.81 Electronic Devices
pdf file 5131.911 Safe School Climate Plan/Bullying
pdf file 5131.92 Corporal Punishment
pdf file 5132 Dress and Grooming
pdf file 5133 Behavior of Participants in Athletic Events
pdf file 5141 Student Health Services
pdf file 5141.21 Administrations of Medication
pdf file 5141.22 Students with Chronic Infectious Diseases
pdf file 5141.23 Students with Special Health Care Needs
pdf file 5141.231 Psychotropic Drug Use
pdf file 5141.25 Students with Special Health Care Needs (Dietary)
pdf file 5141.27 First Aid/Emergency Medical Care
pdf file 5141.3 Health Assessments and Immunizations
pdf file 5141.5 Suicide Prevention and Intervention
pdf file 5144 Discipline
pdf file 5144.3 Discipline of students with Disabilities
pdf file 5145.11 Police in Schools (reg)
pdf file 5145.111 Students/Probation/Police/Courts
pdf file 5145.12 Student Search and Seizure
pdf file 5145.122 Use of Dogs to Search School Property
pdf file 5145.123 Search and Seizure - Use of Metal Detectors
pdf file 5145.14 Students - On Campus Recuitment
pdf file 5145.2 Freedom of Speech/Expression
pdf file 5145.45 Section 504 Procedural Safeguards
pdf file 5145.5 reg Procedures for Complaints of Sexual, Racial and Other Unlawful Harassment
pdf file 5145.5 Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment of Students
pdf file 5145.6 Student Grievance Procedures
pdf file 5156 Research Involving Students
pdf file 5157 Use of Physical Force
pdf file Appendix A, Supplement to NMPS Student/Parent Handbook 2016-2017
Folder 6000 Series - Instruction (45 Files)
pdf file 6000 Concept & Roles in Instruction
pdf file 6010 Goals & Objectives
pdf file 6111 School Calendar
pdf file 6113 Released Time
pdf file 6114.1 Fire and Crisis Response Drills
pdf file 6114.3 Emergencies & Disaster Preparedness: Bomb Threats
pdf file 6115 School Ceremonies & Observances
pdf file 6121.1 Educational Opportunities to Promote Awareness of Diversity
pdf file 6140 Curriculum
pdf file 6141.11 Curriculum Research/Experimental Projects
pdf file 6141.312 Migrant Students
pdf file 6141.321 4118.4/4218.4 Responsible Use of Technology, Social Media, and District Network Systems
pdf file 6141.322 Computers: Web Sites/Pages
pdf file 6141.324 Posting of Student Work/Photographs
pdf file 6141.4 Independent Study
pdf file 6141.42 Student Volunteers & Community Service
pdf file 6141.5 Advanced College Placement
pdf file 6142.1 Exemption from Instruction
pdf file 6142.2 Student Nutrition & Physical Activity (Wellness)
pdf file 6145.2 Interscholastic/Intramural/Athletics
pdf file 6145.22 Sportmanship
pdf file 6145.5 Organizations/Associations
pdf file 6145.51 Honor Society (reg)
pdf file 6146 Graduation Requirements
pdf file 6146.2 Statewide Mastery Examination
pdf file 6152 Grouping Policy
pdf file 6153 Field Trips
pdf file 6153.1 Educational Tours
pdf file 6154 Homework
pdf file 6156 Use of Technology in Instruction
pdf file 6159 Special Education
pdf file 6161 Textbooks and other Learning Resource Materials
pdf file 6161.21 Fees, Fines and Charges
pdf file 6161.7 Use of Proprietary Software Products
pdf file 6162.51 Protection of Student Privacy
pdf file 6162.6 Use of Copying Devices
pdf file 6164.12 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
pdf file 6172.41 Title I Programs
pdf file 6172.6 Virtual/Online Courses/College/University Courses
pdf file 6173 Homebound Instruction
pdf file 6174 Summer School
pdf file 6176 Career and Vocational Education
pdf file 6177 Use of Commercially Produced Video Recordings
pdf file 6180 Evaluation of the Instructional Program
pdf file 6200 Adult Education
Folder 7000 New Construction (9 Files)
pdf file 7000 Concepts and Roles in Planning for Educational Facilities
pdf file 7010 Goals and Objectives
pdf file 7100 Planning
pdf file 7114.2 Temporary School Facilities
pdf file 7115 Developing Educational Specifications
pdf file 7141 Literature Distribution
pdf file 7240.1 Selection and Installation of Playground Equipment
pdf file 7500 Occupying Certificate of Occupancy
pdf file 7540 Assembling and Preserving Documents
Folder 9000 Series - Board of Education (48 Files)
pdf file 9000 Role of the Board and Members
pdf file 9005 Role of the Board and Its Members
pdf file 9010 Limits of Authority
pdf file 9012 Legal Responsibilities of Boards of Education
pdf file 9020 Public Statements
pdf file 9030 Commitment to Democratic Principles in Relation to Community, Staff, Students
pdf file 9040 Board-Related Responsibilties
pdf file 9110 Number of Members, Terms of Office, Oath of Office
pdf file 9115 Annual Organizational Meeting of the Board
pdf file 9120 Term of Office for Board Officers
pdf file 9121 Role of the Chairperson
pdf file 9122 Office of the Vice-Chairperson
pdf file 9123 Role of the Secretary
pdf file 9125 Attorney
pdf file 9130 Board Committees
pdf file 9131 Committee of the Whole
pdf file 9132 Standing Comittees
pdf file 9140 Board Representatives
pdf file 9150 Board Consultants
pdf file 9160 Student Involvement in Decision Making
pdf file 9221 Filling Vacancies on the Board
pdf file 9222 Resignations/Removal from Office/Censure
pdf file 9230 Orientation of Board Members
pdf file 9240 Board Member Development
pdf file 9250 Remuneration and Reimbursement
pdf file 9260 Board Member Protection
pdf file 9270 Conflict of Interest
pdf file 9271 Code of Ethics
pdf file 9311 Policies
pdf file 9313 Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Administrative Regulations
pdf file 9314 Suspension of Policies, Bylaws and Regulations
pdf file 9320 Meetings of the Board
pdf file 9321 Time, Place and Notification of Meetings
pdf file 9322 Public and Executive Session
pdf file 9323 Construction of the Agenda
pdf file 9324 Advanced Delivery of Meeting Minutes
pdf file 9325 Meeting Conduct
pdf file 9325.1 Quorum
pdf file 9325.2 Order of Business
pdf file 9325.21 Order of Business Consent Agenda
pdf file 9325.4 Vote Recording
pdf file 9330 Board/School District Records
pdf file 9332 Electronic Communications
pdf file 9350 Hearings
pdf file 9360 Legislative Program
pdf file 9400 Monitoring Products and Processes
pdf file 9410 Public Announcement of Accomplishments
pdf file 9420 Recognition of Accomplishments by citizens, Students, Staff Members or Members of the Board
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