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Grades 6-7 Math
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In Grades 6 and 7, we have implemented the use of the Connected Math Program. CMP is a problem-centered curriculum promoting an inquiry-based teaching-learning classroom environment. Mathematical ideas are identified and embedded in a carefully sequenced set of tasks and explored in depth  to allow students to develop rich mathematical understandings. The CT Core Standards and the Standards for Mathematical Practice emerge as students pursue solutions to problems.


                                                            CMP Units by Grade

Grade 6

· Prime Time – factors and multiples  (Letter)

· Comparing Bits and Pieces – ratios, rational numbers, and equivalence  (Letter)

· Let’s Be Rational – Understanding
fraction operations  

· Covering and Surrounding – two-dimensional measurement   (Letter)

· Decimal Ops – computing with decimals and percents  (Letter)

· Variables and Patterns – focus on Algebra  (Letter)

· Data About Us – statistics and data analysis  (Letter)

Grade 7

· Shapes and Designs – Two-dimensional geometry  (Letter)

· Accentuate the Negative – integers and rational numbers  (Letter)

· Stretching and Shrinking – understanding similarity  (Letter)

· Comparing and Scaling – ratios, rates, percents, and proportions  (Letter)

· Moving Straight Ahead – linear relationships  (Letter)

· What Do You Expect? – probability and expected value  (Letter)

· Filling and Wrapping – three-dimensional measurement  (Letter)

· Samples and Populations – making comparisons and predictions (Letter)



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