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Student Teachers-Interns-Practicums

Frequently Asked Questions
about Student Teachers/Interns/Practicums

How do student teachers/interns receive assignments to student teach in our district?

Any request to have a student teacher/intern in your school should be approved through the Office of the Deputy Superintendent.  No teacher should accept a student teacher/intern through a personal arrangement with a student teacher/intern.  

  • The college/university will contact the Office of the Deputy Superintendent to request placements for potential student teachers/interns.
  • The college/university will send the appropriate paperwork to the Office of the Deputy Superintendent to be reviewed.
  • The Office of the Deputy Superintendent will inform the appropriate building principals of a potential candidate.
  • The building principals will ask their faculty if anyone is interested in having a student teacher/intern.
  • The building principals will inform the Office of the Deputy Superintendent if there is or is not any interest.
  • If not, the college/university will be informed.
  • If so, the college/university will be informed, and an interview with the Deputy Superintendent will be scheduled.
  • All student teachers/interns must be fingerprinted through Education Connection BEFORE they begin the student teaching process.

How should a request to come into a building to perform classroom observations (referred to as practicums by some universities) be addressed?

Requests of this kind usually come from graduate or undergraduate students who must complete a certain amount of time doing classroom observations for a course in which they are enrolled.  Some of these requests are for approximately twenty (20) hours; others can be for a few visits; some for several visits.  These candidates need to be referred to the Office of the Deputy Superintendent to make an appointment to be interviewed.  All candidates must be fingerprinted prior to the classroom observation.  If the candidate is acceptable to place in a classroom, the Office of the Deputy Superintendent will contact the building principal or his/her designee to make arrangements for the observations to be scheduled.  These candidates may not teach.

How is a beginning teacher assigned a mentor?

Building principals will receive notification from the Office of the Deputy Superintendent of those teachers who will need mentors.

What should a building principal do if asked by a teacher who is working toward an administrative certificate what he/she can do for his/her 200+ hours for a practicum project?

Building principals should refer that teacher to the Office of the Deputy Superintendent to set up an appointment to discuss options for the 200+ hours.  The Deputy Superintendent will collaborate with the candidate in order to find a meaningful project that will address what is required by the college or university as well as what will meet the needs of the school and the district.

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