Holocaust Research Project


Children of the Holocaust:
A Webquest and Scrapbook project


 During World War II, the leader of Germany and The Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler, led German citizens to believe that they, the Germans, were a racially superior people.  Believing this, the Nazi Party led the people of Germany to have the same beliefs through the exploitation of propaganda.  The Nazi Party unfairly blamed the Jewish people for Germany’s defeat in World War I, which led to the financially hard times Germany faced in the years after.

This blame led to The Holocaust, one of the most devastating events in our world’s history.  It was the systematic killing of the Jews in Europe.  Ideally Hitler and the Nazis wanted to carry out the Final Solution, the extermination of all Jews residing in Europe.  Before he was stopped, Hitler and his party killed approximately six million Jews, two-thirds of all Jewish people living in Europe before the war.

Of those people murdered, 1.5 million of them were children.

The Project
You are a child that lived during the Holocaust.  Electronics and media as we know it did not exist during this time in history; therefore as a child living in that time you found alternate ways to amuse yourself. Your free time would be spent with friends, parties, bike rides, school, dances, sports, movies, journaling and pen pals. 
You have decided to keep a scrapbook of your life experiences before and during the period of the Holocaust.

In this project you will read information and primary sources about the children who lived during the Holocaust.  You will read, summarize, analyze, interpret and quote information. 

In the end you will create a scrapbook complete with photos, mementoes, journal entries, newspaper clippings, artwork and memories of what your life was like and how it changed throughout the tragic period in history known as The Holocaust.

 The Process

Scrapbook Cover: First, research the life of the person you have randomly selected.  Be sure to write down their name, birth date, and country of origin; in addition print the picture of your child.  This information will go on the front of your scrapbook.

To research the child you have selected click on the website below and scroll through the names until you find your child’s name, then click on the name. 


Be sure to document the following:

o       Name

o       Birth date

o       Country of origin

o       Picture

Section 1:  The Holocaust is considered one of the greatest tragedies of all time.  What made it such a terrible event?  Answer this question and support your statement with a minimum of seven (7) facts in  one to two pages.  Use the sites below to, read, take notes, view pictures, and summarize the information. 

You must find 7 facts to use in your paper, quote them, cite them and write them using correct parenthetical notation.
You must paraphrase two quotes from the reading, cite them and write them using correct parenthetical notations.
These 9 facts must be handed in and approved before you write your summary.

http://www.school.eb.com/comptons/article-229186?query=Holocaust&ct= (need username & password)

http://www.school.eb.com/elementary/article?articleId=353260&query=Holocaust&ct= (need username & password)


If you work from home you may need a user name and pass word for the Encyclopedia Britanica.
The username is: schtke, password is: middle

Guiding questions for researching and writing your Holocaust summary:

    • Why was it such a terrible event?
    • Who was involved in the Holocaust?
    • Who was affected by the Holocaust?
    • What was the reason for the Holocaust?
    • What was happening to the people involved in the Holocaust?
    • How did the Holocaust end?
    • What happened to the people after the Holocaust?


Section 2:  In order to get a full understanding of the countries that were overrun by the Nazi party it helps to have a visual reference.  Obtain a copy of a map of Europe from Mrs. Concilio.  Be neat on the map since there is a lot of information to include!

First, select a color to make your child’s country stand out.  Then color the country where your child lived.  Add your country and its color to the map legend.  Next, find the year your country was “occupied” and write the date on your country. 

Then, using the information provided, color the map legend according to the type of country it was, allied, axis, neutral or occupied.  Next, color the map according to your legend.

After you have colored the map, go to the link below and scroll to the bottom, there you will find a list of countries and the number of Jewish persons murdered in each.  Place these numbers clearly in the countries on your map. 


Section 3:  Now, get creative.  Using the information you have gathered about your child; write a typed journal entry describing what life was like for you BEFORE the Nazis invaded your country.  Describe a day in your life.

When writing remember to use a voice appropriate to the age of your child and use vivid detail and descriptions.

Include in your entry:

°   Where are you?

°   How old are you?

°   What is time spent with your family like?

°   What do you do to play? (be sure games and such existed in this time period)

°   What are your friends like?  What do you do together?

°   What do you like to eat?  (be sure food choices are something that was eaten in your country

and that it does not go against religious beliefs.)

Section 4:  In your child’s biography you were either sent to a concentration camp, ghetto, forced into hiding, or sent to live in another country through the Kindertransport.  To understand what life was like in these places you must research the place to which you were sent.  Then answer the question, “what made your particular camp or ghetto an especially terrible place?”  Support your statement with a minimum of 7 facts.

Write a one to two page typed answer to the question that includes a summary of the place you were sent. 
Use the following links for your research on your particular situation.  (For more information click on highlighted words within the articles)

Concentration, Extermination, Death Camps: (if your specified camp is mentioned click on it as well)   http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/article.php?lang=en&ModuleId=10005144


Ghettos(if your specified ghetto is mentioned click on it as well): http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/article.php?lang=en&ModuleId=10005059

            Kindertransport: http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/article.php?lang=en&ModuleId=10005260

Guiding questions to use when researching and writing your concentration camp or ghetto summary:

    • What was the name of your camp or ghetto?
    • Where was your camp or ghetto located?
    • How big was your camp or ghetto?
    • When did your camp or ghetto operate?
    • How many people were sent to your camp or ghetto?
    •  What were the conditions of your camp or ghetto?  Be specific with restrictions, clothing, food supplies, and medical or health issues.
    • What was the total number of deaths in this location?

You must find 7 facts to use in your paper, quote them, c