Next Generation Accountability Report

According to information provided by the CT State Department of Education (CSDE), “Connecticut’s Next Generation Accountability System is a broad set of 12 indicators that help tell the story of how well a school is preparing its students for success in college, careers and life. The system moves beyond test scores and graduation rates and instead provides a more holistic, multifactor perspective of district and school performance and incorporates student growth over time. It was developed through extensive consultation with district and school leaders, Connecticut educators, state and national experts, CSDE staff, and many others. The system was conceived and developed under ESEA Flexibility and approved by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) on August 6, 2015. It was later included as part of Connecticut’s state plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).”

This model, initially implemented in March 2016, has two main differences from previous models per the CSDE, “First, in addition to measuring academic achievement, this system also focuses on student growth over time. Measuring growth provides a more accurate picture than just looking at a snapshot in time of student performance. The second big change is that this accountability system includes additional key indicators, such as chronic absenteeism, physical fitness and arts access. Research tells us that students who attend school on a daily basis and maintain a healthy lifestyle are more likely to graduate and succeed in college. Access to an engaging arts curriculum creates a more well-rounded educational experience.”

The twelve indicators measured are: (1.) Academic achievement status measured by state assessments (2.) Academic growth (3.) Assessment participation rate (4.) Chronic absenteeism (5.) Preparation for post secondary and career readiness – coursework (6.) Preparation for post secondary and career readiness – exams (7.) Graduation – on track in ninth grade (8.) Graduation – four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate – all students (9.) Graduation – six-year adjusted cohort graduation rate – high needs (10.) Post secondary entrance rate – all students, college enrollment (11.) Physical fitness and (12.) Arts access.

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