Letter regarding TikTok message

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December 16, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians:

It has come to our attention that there is a national TikTok message regarding the threat of school shootings in America on December 17. This threat is not specific to New Milford Public Schools, but nonetheless, we take matters of safety very seriously. I am working in concert with the New Milford Chief of Police and we will have, out of an abundance of caution, increased police presence at and around all of our schools up until winter break.

As you are aware, social media is a powerful tool that can have a very strong influence. We want to help guide students in making good choices and understanding the consequences associated with making bad decisions, including those influenced by social media. Therefore, it's imperative that parents speak with their child(ren) about the importance of thinking through their social media posts, as well as their statements to others. It's also important that students understand the importance of making sound decisions as their words, and ultimately decisions, can result in a serious impact to the school community. 

There will be zero tolerance of these types of actions. You can begin the conversation by helping children understand the seriousness of these types of threats, and also reminding children that any threat that is made against the schools and school district will be met with serious consequences, up to and including expulsion from school and possible legal action for making threats. 

I'd like to thank the New Milford Police Department for their continued partnership and for their support to keep our schools safe for all. Thank you parents and guardians for your partnership as well.

Alisha DiCorpo
Superintendent of Schools