End of Year & Leaving District Reminders

Please Note:
Regardless of room changes made during the summer, all computers, projectors, printers and other technology should 
not be moved. Any technology moves deemed necessary will be completed  by the Technology Department & Facilities in coordination with the building administrators.

Leaving NMPS?
  • Graduating seniors will have their data deleted in August.
    Back it up with 
    Google Takeout.

  • Are you are a staff member who is leaving the district but still want your Google Drive/Docs & Resources? Use Google Takeout. On your last day, your Google Apps account will be deleted and you will no longer be able to access it - this includes email as well as any information in your Google Drive. Please be sure that you transfer ownership of any Google docs to another staff member if they will need to access them after you leave. We would also suggest you have an out of office message set at least a week ahead of time to notify users you will be leaving. Once your account is suspended no email will be received and no out of office message will be sent. 

End of Year:

Always make sure that all your important files are stored on your Google Drive or network drive (H-drive). If you have any important files on the computer desktop, within “My Documents” or any other location on your local PC, then they need to be uploaded to your Google Drive or copied to your network drive(s). Any files stored on your local computer may be deleted during summer maintenance!

  • Do you have any equipment signed out from the school library or any other Department? If so, be sure to return any equipment that you do not have permission to keep checked out all summer.

  • If your classroom is assigned a set of devices, be sure to secure them for the summer and let your school tech know their whereabouts in case of maintenance/updates.

  • If you are assigned a laptop and are allowed to take it home all summer, be sure to check with your school tech in case of required updates/maintenance when you return. 

  • Teacher websites: Make sure that you update your website and/or Parent Portal for the fall.
    Please remove all outdated information before the new school year begins.

  • Do not unplug your computers. They may need to be accessed for updates or maintenance during the summer. Never cover a plugged-in computer or monitor.