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The handout,Questions and Answers on Connecticut Statutes for School Food and Beverages, provides the answers to commonly asked questions regarding the requirements and implementation of the Connecticut General Statutes regarding food and beverages in schools, including healthy food certification and the Connecticut Nutrition Standards.
It has been recently updated and includes new questions and a resource section. It also has a new feature that lets you easily get from one section to another. In the Table of Contents, just click on the blue highlighted titles to go directly to each section. Use the blue highlighted “Return to Contents” at the end of each section to get back to the Table of Contents.


The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) Connecticut Nutrition Standards - includes acceptable food and beverage requirements, state policies and other important information.

Clarification of Requirements for Beverages Containing Water and Juice

A two-page summary of the Connecticut Nutrition Standards
CSDE also has a two-page handout that summarizes the state requirements for both food and beverages,
Summary of Requirements for School Food and Beverages.