Kindergarten Expectations

Parents will often inquire of school officials, "What does my child need to know before he/she enters kindergarten? There are two answers to that question.

The first answer is, when your child qualifies for kindergarten, New Milford's Schools are prepared to take your child and work with him/her regardless of what he/she knows or doesn't know. We mean that. We'll work with your child and start from wherever he/she is developmentally.  The second answer responds to a slightly different question, "What would you like my child to know as they enter kindergarten?

Listed below is a link to the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards.  We share this with parents because as your child's first and most important teachers, you are in the best position to assess the extent to which your child is able to display the listed behaviors or demonstrate his/her understanding of content and/or mastery of the skill.

If you have questions, please contact the Assistant Superintendent's office at 860-354-3235.  

 Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards


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