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Strategic Plan 2010 - 2015

1.   We will improve communication to ensure all members of our collaborative partnership understand our mission and objectives and are actively engaged in achieving them.

2.   We will develop and implement a system-wide Character Education Program consistent with our mission and objectives.

3.   We will actively engage students, families, and educators in implementing a system that will enable each student to set, pursue, and achieve educational goals tailored to specific interests, abilities, and aspirations.

4.   We will effectively and appropriately integrate technology throughout the system to achieve our mission and objectives.

5.   We will systematically align the curricula, both vertically and to state grade level expectations, and ensure teachers deliver effective instruction, interventions, and analyze assessment data so that students are engaged in achieving the strategic objectives.

 6.  We will attract, develop, evaluate, and retain a highly qualified staff.

7.  We will identify and utilize the support and resources available within the community to enable all students to achieve our strategic objectives. 

50 East Street, New Milford, CT 06776