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Questions? Please contact the Facilities Department:

Mr. Kevin Munrett, Facilities Director 

Mr. Nestor Aparicio, Assistant Facilities Director
Phone number: (860) 354-6265

Folder 5-Year Facilities Capital Plan (1 Files)
Download Five Year Capital Plan
Folder Asbestos Management (58 Files)
Sub Folder Asbestos Management Plan (12 Files)
Download InitialManagementPlan_NewMilfordHS_Signed_20170518.pdf
Download Asbestos Management Plan Letter
Download Executive Summaries-Bridge Street Maintenance Building
Download Executive Summaries-Hill and Plain Elementary School
Download Executive Summaries-Lillis Administration Building
Download Executive Summaries-New Milford High School
Download Executive Summaries-Northville Elementary School
Download Executive Summaries-Pettibone Elementary School
Download Executive Summaries-Schaghticoke Middle School
Download 1986 Asbestos Management Plan
Download AHERA Audit
Download Designated Person for Asbestos Program_June 15, 1990
Sub Folder 3-Year AHERA Reports (27 Files)
Download 3-YearAHERAReinspection_FacilitiesAdminBldg_Jan2017_20170504.pdf
Download 3-YearAHERAReinspection_Hill&PlainES_Jan2017_20170504.pdf
Download 3-YearAHERAReinspection_LillisAdminBldg_Jan2017_20170504.pdf
Download 3-YearAHERAReinspection_NorthvilleES_Jan2017_20170504.pdf
Download 3-YearAHERAReinspection_SchaghticokeMS_Jan2017_20170504.pdf
Download InitialManagementPlan_NewMilfordHS_Signed_20170518_1.pdf
Download 3-YearAHERA_Schaghticoke_October 2008
Download 3-YearAHERA_Schaghticoke_February 2005
Download 3-YearAHERA_Schaghticoke_August 2000
Download 3-YearAHERA_SarahNobleIntermediate_October 2008
Download 3-YearAHERA_SarahNobleIntermediate_January 2005
Download 3-YearAHERA_Pettibone_October 2008
Download 3-YearAHERA_Pettibone_January 2005
Download 3-YearAHERA_Pettibone_August 2000
Download 3-YearAHERA_NorthvilleES_October 2008
Download 3-YearAHERA_NorthvilleES_January 2005
Download 3-YearAHERA_NorthvilleES_August 2000
Download 3-YearAHERA_Lillis_October 2008
Download 3-YearAHERA_Lillis_January 2005
Download 3-YearAHERA_Lillis_August 2000
Download 3-YearAHERA_HillAndPlainES_October 2008
Download 3-YearAHERA_HillAndPlainES_January 2005
Download 3-YearAHERA_HillAndPlainES_August 2000
Download 3-YearAHERA_AdminBldg_386DanburyRd_October 2008
Download 3-YearAHERA_AdminBldg_386DanburyRd_January 2005
Download 3-Year AHERA_New Milford HS August 2000
Download 3-Year AHERA 1999
Sub Folder 6-Month Periodic Surveillance Reports (19 Files)
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_October 1990
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_March 1992
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_October 1992
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_December 1993
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_June 1994
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_October 1994
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_May 1995
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_October 2000
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_April 2001
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_October 2002
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_February 2003
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_September 2004
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_August 2006
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_March 2007
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_November 2007
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_December 2008
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_January 2009
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_June 2009
Download 6-Month Periodic Surveillance_January 2010
Folder Building and Fields Use (3 Files)
Download Priority List for Use of Public Facilities
Download Use of Facilities Fee Schedule
Download Turf Field Administration and Facility Use Manual Rev 09-15-16
Folder Energy Management Program (1 Files)
Download Energy Education Program Update
Folder Green Cleaning Program (1 Files)
Download Green Cleaning Program
Folder Pesticide Management (1 Files)
Download Integrated Pest Management
Folder Radon Test Results (6 Files)
Sub Folder 2016 Radon Test Results (5 Files)
Download Hill & Plain Elementary School Radon Report 2016
Download New Milford High School Radon Report 2016
Download Northville Elementary School Radon Report 2016
Download Sarah Noble Intermediate School Radon Report 2016
Download Schaghticoke Middle School Radon Report 2016
Sub Folder 2011 Radon Test Results (1 Files)
Download New Milford Public Schools - School Radon Reports 2011
Folder Recycling (2 Files)
Download Electronics Recycling
Download Single Stream Recycling
Folder Water Test Results (6 Files)
Sub Folder 2016 Water Test Results (6 Files)
Download Hill and Plain Elementary School Water Test Results 2016
Download New Milford BOE - Central Office Water Test Results 2016
Download New Milford High School Water Test Results 2016
Download Northville Elementary School Water Test Results 2016
Download Sarah Noble Intermediate School Water Test Results 2016
Download Schaghticoke Middle School Water Test Results 2016