Approved/New Application and Equipment Request Forms

Before any new application or technology is utilized by district staff or students, it must first be approved. 

Click here to view approved district digital resources and technology

All applications/contractors that will acquire or have access to student data will require a signed student data privacy agreement.

If you are planning to request a new application which will be used by students, you are encouraged to first create an account with the CTEDTech Learn Portal ( CTEDTech Learn Portal contains a list of vendors who have pledged compliance with the CT student data privacy law. Simply put, vendors on this list are more likely to sign a student data privacy agreement than those who are not.

You are not required to obtain a student data privacy agreement before requesting a new application. If the app is approved by your building or department administrator, the technology department will work with the vendor to obtain an agreement if necessary.

Forms should only be completed by department chairs, lead teachers, or a district administrator.

Click here for the Technology Application and Equipment Request Form