Grade 5 Health

Relationship Management - Recognizing healthy and unhealthy behaviors in various kinds of relationships with others and ourselves.


Empathy – Develop the skill of recognizing the feelings of others; explore why this is important to our social well-being.


Personal Boundaries – recognize when a personal boundary has been crossed; sexual harassment; how to communicate effectively.


Disease Prevention – Review the difference between contagious and non-contagious illnesses; explore the potential causes of the most common chronic non-contagious diseases; how can we reduce our person risk of developing these conditions? HIV prevention.


Digital Citizenship – These lessons will reinforce the importance of being cyber-safe when visiting online gaming sites, social media, general web browsing, texting…etc.


Nutrition – Identify the 6 most important nutrients we must consume; how to locate them on a food label; explore why the body needs them.


Drug Abuse prevention – OTC versus Rx medications; safe uses; how to read a medication label; unsafe use prevention strategies.


Puberty – Genders are separated for this unit of study where this rite-of-passage is discussed from a physical, emotional and social point of view.


Zones of Regulation – In conjunction with the Walking Project, students will explore how to identify and regulate their emotions and energy levels throughout the day.