Grade 3 Health

Self-Advocacy – Create a personal support system to help us when we need it. When should we ask for help?


Healthy relationships - Explore positive character traits; identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviors between friends, family, coaches, teachers, mentor…etc.


Self-Esteem – Discover how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves.                        


Cyber-safety – Compare online vs. in-person friends. A primer with the help of some old friends (Lauren and Buddy). What is personal information?


Decision making – Learn and practice 4 steps to making choices that will help students stay safe, happy and feeling respected as it relates to various age- appropriate situations and topics.


Disease Prevention – Discover that not all illnesses are caused by germs; uncover the dangers of smoking and chewing tobacco. How can we protect ourselves and our friends? How do we keep our heart and lungs healthy?


Physical Activity – Make observations about how the body responds to different levels of activity. Why is physical activity so important for us?


Conflict Resolution - Practice using assertive communication to resolve peer conflicts; how to be an Upstander to protect self and others from a bully;


Nutrition – Explore the health benefits of eating from all 5 food groups; choosing healthy snacks with the help of MyPlate; Food safety strategies.


Environmental Health – Make connections between caring for self, others and environment. Advocating for a cleaner earth with the help of the Lorax!